Now I’m ready to start my essay, now another thing to keep in mind about this plan. This plan you should basically just translate into your introduction paragraph. Let’s look at that. We’re looking at the introduction paragraph. The way I’d like to approach it is first of all you’re going to have three to four sentences and it doesn’t matter what essay you’re writing, it doesn’t matter what question type you’re dealing with, answer these four questions in your introduction and basically your introduction and your whole essay is set this is the roadmap that you will provide the reader to follow your train of thought to the conclusion.

 In the body of essay, you’re going to obviously develop these ideas, so first what is the topic now when I say topic keep in mind topic and thesis your opinion are two different things, topic is the general idea, so again government control that’s the question, that’s what we’re looking at here and violence if you want to include that. Government control or society and violence what is the actual question or debate so should there be censorship, should there not be censorship by government on media what is my opinion, what do I think and why do I think. A lot of other teachers will tell you have two sentences to say what is the question, what is your opinion and that’s it the way I like to do it like this is to give you and your reader a road map as I mentioned before. If you can answer all these questions and put them into a clear introductory paragraph basically you’re going to follow your own road map and not get lost along the way in the body.

Let’s look at each of these individually: what is the topic here’s my opening sentence very general: youth violence is a shared social problem. That’s it. Am i giving you any details? No am i giving you any reasons any opinions any argument no I’m just telling you what the topic of this essay, is it’s violence social problem. Now social already gives you the idea of you can involve the government but again I’m looking at the minor and I’m going to the major topic. Next what is the actual question many people thus propose they suggest that governments need to tackle this issue fight or deal with this issue by controlling the media whom people see as responsible, for inciting this violence through films and television, so many people think that the government should control the media, because people think that it’s because of the media that there is violence in society. Kids see things on TV or youth kids the same thing see things on TV they see things in films they see violence and then they go act out that violence, so we should control that or governments should control that, my opinion now ideally you can combine your opinion and reason into one. Okay now when I say why I don’t want you to give me very detailed reasons I want you to give me the general reasons that you will develop in your body paragraph again by doing it here in the introduction. You don’t get lost as you’re writing your body paragraph, you already know what you’re going to say because you set it in the introduction and to or be the reader knows exactly what is coming, so you’ll get your flow is much better for the reader, so while youth are undoubtedly swayed by external influences I disagree that it is a government’s obligation to censor the entertainment industry.