You’ll see in the next paragraph where I changed my focus certain social behavior, so now my last sentence is basically tying up this paragraph and connecting the whole essay. Together to suggest that the government can control this is to avoid taking responsibility for ourselves so now I connect it all back to the government and saying that the government can’t control what influences young people. This was part of my introduction it’s part of my thesis and I’m preparing myself for the next paragraph which is going to talk about what social responsibility. Our responsibility looking at the root causes of violence or other social behaviors so right now this paragraph is complete it opened up nicely, it gave the main meat of the argument and it closed up nicely and set up the next paragraph.

Let’s look at that next paragraph. I’m looking at the next paragraph and I put the last sentence of the first body paragraph, here I want to show you how I make that link, how I introduce a transition into my second body paragraph. This is key you must have a transition to your next body paragraph, because you are shifting focus you’re going to be looking at another part of the argument that you’re making you need to tell the reader that you’re changing focus how do you do that with a transition. I used indeed, now indeed means I’m reinforcing the last idea other transitions are on the other hand however another reason etc.

Lots of different transitions you should study those but make sure that it fits what came before it okay so indeed a government role is not to act as parents to its citizens but to maintain order and provide the tools for society to thrive it should not tell people what they can and cannot do. This is a bit of a long topic sentence but it’s okay in your second body, because again I’m making the shift so the government to suggest the government can control this is to avoid taking responsibility indeed it’s not the government’s role it’s not the government’s responsibility to act as people’s parents right.

So there’s my link right there I’m taking the last idea I’m reinforcing it at the beginning of the sentence and then I’m what is my topic for the paragraph people’s roles and the government’s roles what is their duty right so their duty is not to act as our parents, their duty is just to make sure that we have a good country to live in a safe country, a good infrastructure, good economy. Government should not tell people what they can and cannot do that’s not its duty on the other hand here I have another transition and you’re thinking well I had one before it with indeed right here I’m shifting focus again but I’m not shifting focus of the argument, I’m not talking ability, I’m shifting away from the who has the responsibility. On the other hand parents can and must oversee what their children are exposed to be it online in a movie a book or any other source, so what I’m saying here is that it is the parent duty not the government’s duty the parents duty to control what their kids are exposed to, they can see violence in movies but they can easily read about violence in books lots of violent books out there they can see it on the Internet, lots of act they have, lots of access to violent images, violent text violent anything right they can even be influenced by their friends who are not online not on media no control they’re consequently means as a result parents must decide whether they want their children to watch a horror film, so again I’m putting a concrete example horror film – the parents should decide if the child’s you see that not the government it is not for government to ban studios from making it.

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