A government can’t tell the studio all you shouldn’t make this movie because this child might see it and act violently no the parents should just not let the child see the movie. Now whatever you think and all parents have no control or parents this and that this is not the issue here you have a very limited space to make an argument. Don’t worry about being intelligent, don’t worry about B or obviously be a little bit intelligent but you we’re not getting into a very detailed argument. Here you’re presenting an argument you’re supporting it that’s it again. Remember English test not opinion not intelligence test furthermore.

TOEFL needs more words, IELTS fewer words

Therefore, now you’ve seen the whole thing now I’m going to show you two versions I’m going to show you this essay that we have just gone through this is the TOEFL length essay remember TOEFL you need more words to get a high score, so it’s a little bit longer I’m going to show you the full essay, you can read carefully through the essay then you can see the IELTS version. Read it carefully we just went through this whole thing together but this has 383 words okay that’s a good length for a TOEFL if you can make that in the 30 minutes by all means. Try to again with TOEFL more words does help one of the graders, I’m one of the graders for your essay is a computer, so they like word count the other grader is a human so they do balance out but the more you can write well the better here is the IELTS 300 words, so eighty three words fewer okay but again saying the exact same thing some shorter sentences maybe I cut out an example here and there but essentially it’s the same idea okay 300 words should be your minimum for IELTS 250 words is your official minimum 250 words. You’re not going to get a seven and a half band it’s not enough to devote, it’s not enough words to develop an argument right so when you’re done with that we’re done basically.

There’s your full essay from beginning to end this of course will get you a high score if you can write like this high end vocabulary. Some good sentences good sentence structure, sentence variety: you have your introduction, your body, your conclusion, you have your transitions, lots of linking words in. Between all of these things are very important come back again and proofread carefully.

I’ll go through the process of showing you what test taker did well what he did not so well the score he got, so I’m going to show you I’m going to edit it.

I hope this was helpful to you, see you again!