Now we understand the question, next thing we’re going to write my essay plan now, I must tell you that I’ve seen many test takers read the question, they come to the test, they read the question, they start writing an essay, it’s almost guaranteed that you will not get a very high score, why? Because you’re going to get lost somewhere along the way of your writing, you’re going to lose focus, you’re going to lose track of your ideas. You don’t have your reason, so at the middle you’re going to start thinking and then your ideas are going to take a different path from where you’ve come from.

In the introduction and wherever you got to in the body very important that you plan now, part of the planning is again understanding the question, so what I do this is the way, I like to plan, you can plan, any way you like you can set it up, any way you like as long as it helps you, when one like once you’re in the essay you can go back and look at your plan and make sure that you’re still on the right track. Okay I like to make a circle, I’d like to put my main topic my general topic in the middle if there’s a subtopic, for example violence – my main topic, is government control – my subtopic, is violence – I put that in the middle, I take a minute or so, I think about words or ideas, that I can think about and I write them around the circle and then I go to my actual question, yes to government control, no to government control.

Now the key here is not to try to answer the one that you believe, don’t try to argue what you believe, argue what comes to you first argue, the ideas that are easier. If you can come up with no reasons faster than yes reasons then write them down and that’s going to be your essay and that’s fine the greater is that these tests they’re testing your English, they’re not testing your intelligence, all they want to know is that you can deliver an idea. You can make an argument in a clear and understandable way that any reader can read and understand basically. I went for yes and no and I had more ideas for why there should not be government control or government censorship, so censor’s censorship is a bad thing, you can’t control everything, even if the government controls the media, it doesn’t mean they’re going to stop anything.

There’s jobs and education that came up as an idea and parents’ role, but parents are there and this is where my essay is going. I have my main idea, I have my opinion. No or my argument, no I have my main reasons.