The success that The Therapy Group has been able to achieve is based on the premise of “getting to the root of the problem”.

Instead of putting a “band-aid” on the problem with a coping technique or compensatory strategy, we attempt to determine where the neurological problem is and design treatment approaches to strengthen and/or remediate these problems.  We have found that in most situations we can change the way a child learns by changing the way the brain […]

You know your child is bright, but he’s struggling to keep up at school.

The teachers say he’s just not trying, he’s daydreaming, or just not doing his work. He spends hours each night on homework, and still brings home Cs, Ds, and Fs. Is it a learning disability? Could it be? Wikipedia says: “In the United States and Canada, the terms learning disability, learning disabilities, and learning disorders […]

Does this sound like your Child?

At home does your child often: Misunderstand what you say? Request that information be repeated? Give slow or delayed responses? Have problems finding the right words to say? Seem reluctant to engage in conversations? Display intolerance or obsession for certain tastes, textures, smells, sounds, etc.? At school does your child often: Have difficulty remembering/following directions? […]