I’ll be talking about the importance professional writing for your work at  and also for your profession in general we’re talking about the about attitudes toward writing and it’s relevant to your actual writing I’ll introduce social science writing to you the various forms of social science writing to which you’ll be exposed during your studies at  and we’ll be talking about one form of professional writing and that’s professional email or professional communication and then we’ll talk about the writing assignment on professional email being able to write well to be able to write professionally is going to be very important for you going forward it’s going to be very important in your current and future university courses it’s going to be very important for you as you as you engage in routine communication with your professors with your fellow students with your fellow employees with your supervisors. Find out more about professional writing at Edusson.

And it’s going to be very important for your professional advancement I could challenge you to find a career which writing is not important whether you are writing routinely communicating with colleagues communicating with supervisors communicating with clients with members from other organizations with whom you’ll be working writing reports writing newsletters I can guarantee that if you’re going to go far that you will be required to do a fair amount of writing and people who write well advance further so it’s really in your interest while you’re in  to sharpen your writing skills now the news that writing is going to be important for you at  and in your career might be welcome to some of you some of you may may love writing some of you not so much what is your attitude toward writing how would you rate your attitude will you rather cut your leg off then write can you take it or leave it I think writing is cool or are you so in love with writing that there’s nothing more that you would rather do than right well you know it turns out that your your attitude could be anywhere along this scale but that doesn’t stop you from being a good writer and from doing a lot of writing.

Let me use myself as an example I’ve been in academia since 1987 up in a proffer a long long time I’ve done a lot of writing in my work this document is called my curriculum Vita my CV it summarizes much the writing that I’ve done over the years so for example in this column you see research grants these are research grants sizable documents that I was required to write to get funding for my research there’s a number of those these are books that I have either written or edited over the years book chapters and articles and refereed journals you’ll learn more about what these various sources are as late as 2011 and as early as 1985 so let’s come back to our question about at attitudes toward writing given the amount of writing that I’ve done over the years where do you think I would fall on this scale what’s my attitude toward writing you might conclude that there’s nothing more that I like than writing.