The process is the same no matter if you’re writing something as small as a text or something as large as a dissertation so let’s start with step number one let’s start with planning the planning stage tells us who what and why we are writing so our topic or what we are writing about is World War one who’s going to read our writing who’s going to be our audience is going to be our peers and our teacher and what’s the purpose or reason that we’re writing well this is an informative essay to provide information you say yes and then what are we doing we are writing a five paragraph essay okay the next thing we’re going to do is pre write so we’re still in step number one of the writing process we planned out what we’re going to write about and now we’re actually going to write some stuff down.

So that we can have our thoughts flow like we want them to we can stay on course and our essay won’t end up talking about kittens or puppies instead of our topic that we’ve chosen so we’re going to start with your essay title the title of your essay is going to go right here so you’re going to think of something nice and creative that’s going to draw the attention of your reader once you have your essay title then you’re going to pull out from the book that you read three main ideas and these are three big points that the book made then after that for each main idea you’re going to give your reader three points about those main ideas okay so in this step of the writing process we are going to add a title we are going to have three main ideas and then for each of those main ideas we’re going to have three points about those main ideas so here is our example of our prewriting and so in the middle here we have our essay title okay.

The title of our essay is what do you know about World War one so our title is nice and catchy and it will draw the attention of our reader to make them want to read even more so the three main ideas that we are going to talk about in our paper are going to be the cause of war the weapons that were used in World War one and then the world after the war so those are our three main topics now remember I said that under each main topic you’re going to have three points that you’re going to make so going back to our main idea for number one the cause of war we’re going to talk about how the war began why it began and then who started the war and then when we move into our next paragraph we’re going to talk about the types of weapons used in the war the effects of those weapons and then the result of the impact of those weapons on the war and the world.