What is a point that you are trying to get across to us on our through paper and then that can help lead you in that direction of okay maybe it is more appropriate for a single life situation or maybe it is a string because they are related and there’s a reason to it so again what is what’s the reason and what’s the point you are trying to convey once you settle on that that can help you narrow down what’s right about and how much focus is then on each kind of span of time and specifically to go back I think with the quest which application the second essay specifically about like you are not necessarily biography but tell us about your life experiences and how that contributes to who you are. More material on experiences in essays at Robotdon.com.

And so I think that’s the essay where um where people tend to rush if I see it more often right they will talk they might emphasize something like early on in their lives but not not bring it back around to like and so this is who I am now and I think that that is really important because we are admitting all of you yes but definitely like who you are now is we want to see on our campus and then grow and do all of those sorts of things so I would watch it especially in that second essay um that you don’t rush so much that you miss an important theme of what you are trying to do don’t leave don’t leave anything unfinished but also don’t go on tangents don’t you know if you are writing about a specific event don’t don’t write everything you can about that specific event because I you can run the risk of going off into a different train of thought that really wasn’t even supposed to be in your essay it doesn’t add anything significant to your essay.

But I think that a rule of thumb is the more specific your writing is not necessarily your story just than your writing in general the better your writing is so that lends itself to to really just having a maybe a specific event and you can’t write about like ice before you can write about your whole life story so if you try to if you can narrow it down it is probably gonna be a stronger essay but you know there’s a lot of stories out there so maybe not and I think it is important to remember you know to keep the focus on yourself right so you have all these instances that happen and I’m sure it involved a lot of people in your lives but kind of similar to what you know trevor was saying do not go on tangents don’t you know expand so much about the other people and talk about that you’ve always bring it back to yourself what you learned how you overcame you know certain obstacles.